Friday, July 8, 2011


I like to collect those euro-style bumper stickers that seem to decorate just about every car on the road.  I don't put them on my car.  (The only stickers that go on the jeep are from my daughters' colleges, I like people to know where both my daughters and my money go.)  But I do put the euro-stickers on the pvc guide posts on the boat trailer.  Between sailing trips in North Carolina and on Chesapeake Bay it is getting to the point that I'll have to start overlapping new stickers with the old, but that's fine.  I like looking at them now and then, each one brings back a memory.

Above is the first sticker we found on this last trip.  It was in the post card rack at Sting Ray's, the gas station/gourmet restaurant (I'm serious about that) at the southern end of the Eastern Shore.  We always stop there for a breakfast sandwich on the way to the ramp.  The first day of the trip was in Virginia waters, so I'm glad to have found this one.

It took a little work to find the Onancock sticker.  We saw the stickers on several cars but could not find the source.  Bruce took off in one direction on the main street, I took off in the other, stopping at stores and asking for them.  Nobody seem to know where they came from.  We even stopped at the town office where a nice lady said she did not know where they were sold, but she wished she had one too.
Finally at a pharmacy I was told they were sold at the gardenArt shop on King Street.  We went there and sure enough the owner said she has designed and printed the stickers, selling literally thousands of them.  Good for her.
I put one sticker on the counter and Bruce tossed one there too.  The second was a gift Bruce soon gave to the nice lady at the town office.

We also added the third "TI" sticker to the post.  There are TI stickers from Tangier Island, Tilghman Island and now Taylor's Island.  I wonder how many more islands on the Bay have names that begin with a "T".

I wanted to get a sticker from Chestertown but could not find one.  The closest I could get was the Schooner Sultana sticker above.  This is the best kind of sticker for two reasons.  One, it was free - they give them out at the schooner's office.  And two, we had an interesting exchange with the crew of the schooner that was a special part of the trip.  That is something I hope to post about this weekend.



Ginger Travis said...

Very cool! And I know looking at those stickers on your trailer must make you smile.

Baydog said...

Love the last one!