Friday, July 15, 2011

if you are skinny

I was surprised by the response I received to the post this morning about Ocracoke.  As one friend wrote, thinking of Ocracoke "makes my heart ache.  I want to go back."  I know the feeling.

So of course I spent much of my work day thinking about Ocracoke, thinking how I could go back - both by car and under sail.  And I was reminded of one of my favorite tee shirts, the one with the design below.

I bought it at the old Albert Styron store in Ocracoke years ago.  "I guess you can wear that if you are thin" my wife said in that tone of voice that only a husband knows.  Hey, I didn't name the company.

So I wear the shirt for years until it is worn out and when I say a shirt is worn out believe me, it is worn out and I really missed it.  A year or two later I'm back in Ocracoke briefly for work along with a female colleague of mine.  "Do you mind if we stop so I can get a tee shirt?" I ask.  "Sure, whatever you need."   I run to a seafood stand, make my purchase and proudly show my coworker the new Fat Boys Fish Company tee shirt.  "Well, I guess you can wear that if you are skinny" she says.

Do they share memos about that kind of thing?



EyeInHand said...

Funny. Memos, sure, as part of a special girl-code they begin studying at about age 2 and spend the rest of their lives perfecting, apparently. "Fat" is one of those power words for women, I gather, that sort of explodes in their heads whenever it's used.

Steve said...

I bought the first tee shirt from Albert Styron's store. The second one I bought from a man selling seafood out of the back of a refrigerated truck parked next to Styron's. I believe it may have been Mr. Gaskill, one of the Fat Boys, who sold me the shirt. He was not fat. And seafood does not get much fresher than buying it from the fisherman.


Bill said...

I think what most women fail to realize is that a lot of fat guys would wear that shirt anyway and not care.

Steve said...


I love that shirt. When I get down there again I'll buy two more just to stock up.