Friday, July 29, 2011

did I tell you I was in Cape Charles the other day?

I was over in Cape Charles, the southern most town on Virginia's eastern shore, a few weeks ago.  I meant to post some photographs but completely forgot about them.  I just now found the files.  Here they are.

Cape Charles is an old railroad/fishing/farming town.  When we got here in the late 80's the town was down on its luck.  It has since revitalized itself - nice restaurants, new marina, great little downtown.

The pictures above and below are from Kelly's Gingernut Pub.  Great food, friendly service there.  I will be back.  It is inside of a couple of the old brick buildings on the main street of town.  One of those buildings was a bank.  I had lunch in the vault.

Watson's Hardware is the center of the little downtown, it's a local hangout for the locals.  You can find just about anything you need in there from hardware to fishing gear to real estate.  A nice little gourmet food shop is just down the block.

The working marina and the new marina overlap in a pleasant sort of way.  Big yachts come and go, watermen run by in their deadrises bringing in the catch.  It is a very relaxed waterfront.  They do have some excellent ramps over there, I need to tow Spartina over there for a two or three day trip someday.

Part of the town, some of the nice houses, look out over a beach on Chesapeake Bay.

I don't know why I took this photo below.  That truck has been sitting inside of that old building for years.  It is about the first thing you see when you drive into the town.

Below is the brand new marina.  I can't believe the changes I have seen over there over the past 20 years.  If we had been smart - and had more money - we could have bought one of the old bay front homes years ago for almost nothing.  Now they go for a million bucks. It's a cool little town.  Quiet, friendly and very accessible.

In a couple of years Bruce and I should sail through there on the last leg of our three-part circumnavigation of the Delmarva Peninsula.  But that is a couple of years away.  I need to get Spartina over there sooner than that.


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