Monday, September 24, 2012

Mary Lou and Fred helping with the jeep and sending us off.


Bill said...

Well, Steve, I'm looking at your Spot page and noticing your track is a straight line. So then I went to NOAA's marine weather site to see the wind conditions, and based on whta they're showing there, I bet you guys are having some absolutely fantastic sailing out there today (Tuesday 9/25). The weather here in Richmond is absolutely gorgeous - combined with favorable winds, I can't imagine better sailing conditions. Hope it's the same up there. There are several of us watching and enjoying the trip vicariously.

Anonymous said...

Steve, was the ramp you launched from, on Green Lane, bordering the Sailing Emporium?

I launched there, for a week on the Chesapeake last June.

Mary Lou was kind enough to recommend anchoring spots on the Magothy River, especially the North side of Dobbins Island.

Nearby Little Island's lighthouse took me by surprise.

I regret that we didn't get to meet as they were leaving that week to go elsewhere.

I hope to return to the Chesapeake next June so I can retrace some of your trips as I have done in NC.

Fair winds and gentle breezes.