Wednesday, September 19, 2012

in the bag

Above is the forecast for weather fronts five days from now.  A large high pressure system will have moved in over the entire Atlantic coast.  Slightly cooler temperatures, not much in the way of rain.  I'll take that.  What is behind the high??  We'll have a few days before we find out.

I've starting bagging items for the trip.  Above are the two trail mixes - peanuts, almonds and wasabi peas on the left and dried fruits, everything from mango to papaya, kiwi fruit and pineapple, on the right.    These will be divided into about 2/3 cup portions and put in sandwich bags.

And the clothes are going into two-gallon freezer bags.  There'll be just a few shirts and an extra pair of pants for this trip, really don't need much.

I'm still struggling on ground transportation.  The car rental place in Pocomoke City, Md says they "might" be able to pick us up in Chincoteague if it is a slow day, but could not guarantee it.  If that doesn't work out we may be hitchhiking.


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