Friday, September 7, 2012

home again, home again, jiggity jig

Back home this morning before 9 a.m.  There was a distinctly fall feeling in the air when we landed.  It is hot and humid this afternoon, but the cool mornings tell me the seasons are starting to change.  

Above is my view out of the aircraft window as we came over Norfolk.  I launch Spartina next to the ball park (just across from the big barge) at the right of the frame on the Eastern branch of the Elizabeth River.  Much of my day sailing is on the main part of the Elizabeth River between the bridge near downtown to where the Elizabeth meets the James River, top center beneath the morning clouds.  Mile Marker "1" of the intracoastal waterway is just off of Hospital Point, the wooded point that juts out onto the river at the left.  Just below point is Crawford Bay, a favorite anchorage of those going up or down the ICW.  Portsmouth is to the left, Norfolk to the right, and Berkley, an old shipping port that is part of Norfolk, is at the bottom of the photograph.

Less than three weeks now until the fall trip.  I started a list of jobs in my last post but was so busy this past week I never found the time to get back to it.  I will start focusing on the trip this weekend.

In the meantime there is a nice for the next few days and I do hope to get out for a day sail on the river.


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