Thursday, September 20, 2012

not quite last minute details

My sailing compadre Bruce has emerged from an undisclosed location.  I had lost track of him and suspected - and still suspect for that matter - that he was/is in a witness protection program.  Under pointed questioning he admitted to being in Hawaii, but provided no more details.  I will confront him in person about this when he arrives at the airport tomorrow.  

The weather continues to look favorable for at least the first few days of the trip.  I picked up some two-stroke oil for the outboard and filled the two-gallon cruising fuel can for Spartina (on day sails I carry a smaller gas can).  I've bagged all the trail mix and sorted through the food.  I've measured and remeasured all the distances on the charts and continue to wonder how many miles we can make each day (and I continue to be impressed by the distances Washington Tuttle made each day in his cat boat).  Fishing tackle seems to be in good order - I did add a second gold spoon for casting into the schools of bluefish and striper that are reportedly feeding in the upper bay.  I still need to rebuild the hypothermia kit, plus buy some more AA batteries.

I spent about thirty minutes on google maps with a colleague at work who grew up in Dover, Delaware not too far from Delaware Bay.  She and her Dad spent a lot of time crabbing out of the creeks on the bay and she certainly has a love of the water from her days on Delaware Bay.  Being a huge seafood fan she was able to make a few suggestions for stops along the way including Gilligan's in Lewes.  That is some of their food above.  Maybe a nice lunch as we head down the canal through town??  We'll see.

I'll be posting the SPOT tracking site tomorrow evening and then again this weekend before we leave.



Baydog said...

I say Gilligan's seems like a good choice, little Buddy.

Steve said...

Thanks, Skipper!