Tuesday, September 11, 2012

suddenly fall

In over 20 years of living in this area I do not believe I have seen fall arrive this quickly.  It seems like it happened overnight.  There will be some more hot days to be sure, but the season had definitely changed.

I sailed yesterday with a reef tucked in, the north wind coming right down the Elizabeth River.

Blue skies, white puffy clouds.  I sailed down past the coal yards then continued to the James River.

I had planned on heading back once I reached the James at Craney Island, but my last tack put me in line for Middle Ground Light a little ways up the James so on I went.

Shook out the reef as we headed home on a following breeze, dolphins giving us company along the way.  What a great day on the water.

In less than two weeks we'll be on the trip.  I need to start going through the chores one by one.  Tonight after work I'll go over the waypoints and make sure they are all loaded on the gps.



Anonymous said...

Hi Steve - love the photos. Hoping to get out on the water this afternoon myself. Best Wishes for your trip! Love your blog!!! Sincerely, Rich S/V "Heritage"

Steve said...

Thanks, Rich. Another great day today. Enjoy it.


steve said...

sorry the first leaves falling in my garden wood today - sure sign autumn is upon us here in the UK too.....it's been a wierd old year for weather in the UK.

have a good trip Steve - fair winds and calm seas to you

arwens meanderings

Steve said...

Thanks, Steve. We've got two and one half months of sailing left. I'll make the most of it. Hope you had a good year on the water.