Tuesday, September 11, 2012

waypoints, no way

I connected my gps to my laptop and opened Garmin's Homeport software only to find that the waypoints, which I had thought I had created for this coming trip, were nowhere to be found.  In retrospect I realized I had been so focused on (read worried about) Delaware Bay that I had marked only rivers, creeks and bays that offered refuge from that supposedly (we'll see) dreaded body of water.

It took just about twenty minutes to go through the trip, from Rock Hall, Md. up over the top of the Delmarva Peninsula to Wachapreague, to add all the needed waypoints.  I marked a handful of creeks and rivers on Chesapeake Bay, including Still Pond Creek, the Sassafras River and the Bohemia River.
Heading down south on the oceanside of the peninsula I marked Lewes, Indian River Inlet, Ocean City Inlet, Chincoteague Inlet and Wachapreague Inlet.  That should be enough, maybe more than enough.

Above is a detail image of Delaware Bay showing creeks and bays where we could hide, if need be.

Here are all the waypoints on my gps.  The new waypoints for this coming trip are there, plus the marks which I have used on both Pamlico and Tangier Sounds in the last year or two (waypoints from our spring cruise of last year, which covered a larger portion of the bay, are for some reason missing).  The image struck me as an interesting visualization of where I have and have not been.  I've sailed a lot on Pamlico Sound and the middle part of Chesapeake Bay.  We'll head north on the bay and down the ocean side of the peninsula in just a few weeks.  The southern tip of of the Delmarva will have to wait a while.  Albemarle Sound, which is north of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina (near the words Rocky Mount), keeps calling.



Bill said...

No love for the lower western shore of the Bay?

There's lots to explore on the Middle Peninsula - Deltaville, Fishing Bay, the Piankatank River, Milford Haven, Horn Harbor - and of course, all of Mobjack Bay.

I'm sure it's on your long-term "someday" list...

Steve said...

the western shore is on the list. By land I've been to Urbanna, Deltaville, Kilmarnock and Reedville. I just haven't quite pictured a cruise with a starting point and ending point that seems to fit. Someday.