Sunday, September 16, 2012

off limits

Both Kevin and Mary Lou have told me that Pooles Island is off limits, something to do with unexploded ordnance on the island.  Thanks for the information.

The suggestion from Kevin, who sails the Welsford Navigator Slip Jig, is that we try to reach Still Pond Creek.  Worton would work, he says, but Still Pond is prettier.  Just from looking at the satellite photos, I agree that it looks like a nice place to spend an evening.

I've started packing clothes and sorting through the food, and I need to make a run to the hardware store today to pick up a few items for Spartina.  The weather is nice for sailing, but I need to get ready for the trip.



JimB said...

We were going to spend the weekend in Manteo and had to abort because of water in the new gas. So we spent the day getting the motor running again and checking it out. Maybe next weekend.

But, we're going sailing for a little while today if Papoose has not grown to the bottom . . .

Anyone else sailing on the eastern end of the Albemarle today?

Steve said...

Not me, got my hands full with odd jobs. Should be a nice day. Enjoy!


MaryLou said...

On a Monday Fairlee, Worton and Still Pond are all lovely. We are partial to Worton. Fairlee is nice on weekdays but a zoo on weekends. Still Pond is also very nice. If the winds are good and you make great time or need a duck in place north of Still Pond the next day, take a look at Turner Creek about a mile or so inside the Sassafras on the South side.