Sunday, February 3, 2013

borrowing the sun

Here is a nice new painting called "Headin' In" from friend and maritime artist Curt.  The white hulled deadrises with crews in orange slickers are constant companions while sailing on Chesapeake Bay and seeing this work boat - does it have a name, Curt? - brightens my day.

On this chilly winter day I'm thinking about the coming spring, but this painting with the fall colors in the trees reminds me how quickly the sailing season seems to pass.  I'm now looking forward to the first warm days in late February or early March, soon it will be time for the spring cruise in May, then come the hot afternoon winds of summer and finally the fall cruise with the colors of Curt's fine painting.  It all goes by so quickly.

Early last summer I was emailing John Welsford, Spartina's designer, about something and as an aside thanked him and everyone else south of the equator for sending the sun my way.  In a reply he reminded that they had only lent it to me, I would soon have to return it.  Yes, too soon.

Curt's post with the new painting also mentions Gwynn's Island where he will be moving his Drascombe Longboat "Annie" and includes the photograph above.  Seeing this makes me wonder why I've ignored the western shore of Chesapeake Bay for so long.  That's something I will have to remedy someday.


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Bill said...

I've wondered the same thing, Steve! In fact, I've done so "aloud" here in the comments... hehehe...

Gwynn's Island is a neat little place. If you were to turn around about 170 degrees to the right in that photo, you'd see Queens Creek and the marina with my boat in it. Transients on their way up or down the Bay sometimes find their way in there as an excellent hidey-hole for the night.