Friday, February 22, 2013


Cold and grey today.  Too cold.  And I'm tired of winter.  Tomorrow warmer temperatures are coming up from the south, but along with the warmth comes rain.

I'll have the house and garage to myself tomorrow and hope to get a lot of work done.  Here's the list...

  • fasten the rest of the bow sprit hardware in place
  • put the bronze half oval back on the rub rails
  • clean out all the junk - used sandpaper, tools, pieces of hardware, dust - inside of Spartina
  • touch up the last coat of varnish (I missed a couple of spots painting as the sun set)
  • sand and repaint the white upper planks 
Should we escape the rain I might roll Spartina out of the garage, raise the masts and fasten on the new sails, but that most likely will not happen.  Above you see the mizzen as I start looking at hardware and line needed for the new sails.

I have recycled the old sails through the recycling program.  I will write more about that once the goods are in hand.  (Thanks for the tip, Bill)

And thanks to oyster farmer Chris Ludford of Pleasure House Oysters for using some of the photographs I shot last summer (scroll down on the "farm" page and you will find them).  The Lynnhaven River  recovery is an incredible story.  For four decades Lynnhaven oysters, because of pollution, could not be harvested.  But after a lot of work by groups such as Lynnhaven River NOW, the river is now producing healthy, wonderfully salty and sweet oysters - both wild caught and farm raised.  I was glad to meet Chris and see his operation.  And I have enjoyed the oysters he produces.  They are just great.



Baydog said...

Alright, so I'm gonna have to drive down and go on an oyster pilgrimage with you since you seem to have a lot more connections.

Steve said...

Well now, Baydog, there is an idea. Maybe when I get "downsized" I can start a Chesapeake oyster tour service. A package for three days, two nights, a dozen kinds of oysters, both seaside and bayside. Alcohol not included, tips appreciated.


Baydog said...

Let me know when you're up and running.

Bill said...

You're making the rest of us look bad. I haven't even laid eyes on my boat, much less laid hands on her, since, I think, December. Much too busy working on my business and about 9,000 other half-finished projects.

My wife chose her two free Sea Bags last week, so we expect them to show up here soon.