Monday, February 25, 2013

waypoints north, where'd you get those shoes

This evening I marked our waypoints heading north in Chesapeake Bay once we round Cape Charles.  It was just a handful of waypoints - the concrete ships at Kiptopeke, the Harbor at Cape Charles and a couple of creek inlets.  There are a series of creeks all the way up the bayside of the eastern shore, well marked and offering plenty of protection every few miles up the coast.  I was surprised when I measured the distance from Cape Charles to Tangier Sound, it is barely 50 miles.  We have done that much in a single day (with good wind and helping tides) and we can easily do that in two days (famous last words).

The circumnavigation will be complete once we cross this track between Onancock, Watts Island and Tangier Sound.  We've got a total of eight days to make the trip south from Chincoteague on the seaside then north on the bay side.  Should we complete it in less time than that we plan to use the extra days well by visiting Tangier and Smith Islands, enjoying crab cakes, soft shell crab sandwiches and that seven layered cake they bake in Tylerton.

A big thanks to my Mom (Thanks, Mom!) for the new boat shoes as a birthday present.  She has been nudging me to get some boat shoes since I wrote about the first day of the Tangier walkabout last spring.  The temperature was in the mid-forties and I found myself out there on the water with no shoes (who needs shoes on a boat??).  

These Vibram Fivefingers (shouldn't it be Fivetoes??) Bikila Sports Shoes would have made it more comfortable.  They really aren't mean for warmth it would have been nice to have something between the soles of my feet and the cold deck that day.  Afternoon temperatures in the 40's are an exception for the month of May.  I suspect where the shoes will be most useful is on those windy, spray filled days when the wet deck becomes slippery.  These shoes have nice rubber soles that will help me keep my footing.  It is always good to have Mom watching out for me.



Baydog said...

At over $200? No thanks. Do you know how much rum I can buy with $200?

Steve said...

I got them for less than $60. Nobody pays retail these day.


Unknown said...

Hi Steve! Just looking at your track here. Recently finished a book: "Pirates on the Chesapeake", a thorough history (long history!) of pirate actions in the Bay. Great reading! Watts Island and Tangier are prominently featured as notorious pirate lairs for at least a century. If you want the book, I can surely drop it off to you. Of course, the price would be a good look at Spartina! :-) Best Wishes, Rich