Thursday, February 28, 2013

the thin line

Visiting Rodanthe on Hatteras Island yesterday I stood on the narrow dune that separates the oceanfront from Highway 12.  Four months now since Hurricane Sandy passed by, two months since the road and the dune were repaired.  Yesterday there did not appear to be much difference from one side of the dune to the other.

I've got a four day weekend starting tomorrow and I wish I could say I will get out on the water.  The highest forecast temperature will be 52 degrees Friday, then down to the mid-40's for the next three days, so no sailing (I like to have 60 degrees at least for the first sail on chilly waters.)  But I do hope to get a lot done over the weekend, everything from wiring the new trailer lights to cleaning out and repacking Spartina.  And most importantly I hope to raise the new sails for the first time.



Shawn Stanley said...

Hi pics..even if a little haunting.

We are all ready for spring..I am waiting for warm enough weather to get some epoxy to cure nicely/properly aboard the boat, which is sitting in the water.
C'mon Spring!

Shawn Stanley said...

P.S.> As a guy that used to work in a sail loft and made some comments about your plans during sail replacement, I am really interested in your observations when you do actually get the new sails hoisted on the good ship Spartina!!! :)

Baydog said...

From that angle, it seems a feeble attempt to keep the mighty Atlantic at bay.