Thursday, February 13, 2014

GANNET, explained

I have received a few questions about Webb's boat GANNET, and now realize that I did not provide much in the way of detail.  It is a Moore 24, hull #40.  A boat meant for racing, he has modified it for sailing around the world.  

The best source of information about GANNET is Webb's journal.  Descriptions and details of the boat are spread out through his journal entries over the last three years, mixed in with his thoughts about music, films, books and several other topics.  Below are some shortcuts to just a few of Webb's journal entries.  As I said, these are just a few entries - there are many more references throughout the journal. 


Rik said...

It must be nice to see the Master at work.
I hope to see him on Spartina with you some day.

Steve said...

That's a nice thought, but I don't expect it to happen. Webb's sailed a good way around the world on a yawl about the size of Spartina.
Then again, I never expected to sail on GANNET.....


Shawn Stanley said...

Since I follow both of your journals normally a continent apart, it is pretty cool to see you two on the same boat!

I've done tons of sailing, racing, Race Weeks and cruising in my life, but you and Webb have it figured out!