Monday, February 24, 2014

glad they labelled it "earth"

I've added a link to the earth wind map to the "gadgets," as they are called, in the column to the right.  Click on the image and you will find a very cool image of the flow of winds around the earth.  I've added it there for my own benefit.  I'll be using it to watch the winds for the Watertribe's Everglades Challenge, which starts in just a few days. 

 And I'll leave it there to follow Webb Chiles as he sets off on GANNET from San Diego to Hawaii and points beyond in May.  Webb will be using a tracking device that will post his position and speed twice each day.  It will be interesting to me to see the winds that carry him over the ocean.

The map is zoomable, so you can zoom in to a specific area or back out to see the entire planet.  I am glad they labelled it earth, because otherwise, well, I might not have known.


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