Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mission Bay, North Jetty Light

Heading west in a couple of days.  Above is the forecast from SailFlow for the entrance to Mission Bay.  Sunny, a few clouds a little bit and wind and temperatures just a little below normal.  The temperatures should be up in the sixties by mid-week.

The photo is from day ten of my last trip.  You can see a slight bend in the main mast, something I attribute to more power from Dabbler's better cut sails.  I eliminated the stress on the boom the last two days of the trip by moving the purchase point for the forward block, which you see in the photo, aft.  Digging around in the gear cabinet the other day I found an old Ronstan fiddle block which allows me to have a mainsheet with 4:1purchase from a single point all the way aft on the boom.  Less stress on the boom and a better set on the sail, plus I think it will look better too.

I'll wait until I'm out on the water early this spring (late winter??) before I decide how to rig the down haul for the main.

Very cold here with a north wind.  Feeling a little optimistic over the weekend I planted spinach seeds for the spring garden.  I may have been too optimistic.

Leaf springs for the trailer are still not in yet.  I did contact the trailer manufacturer - Loadrite - and have gotten the parts numbers and prices to order directly from them.  But I am hoping the local trailer shop will get them in by the time I return home for San Diego, allowing me to avoid shipping costs.


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