Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Swimming Point

A very crisp evening walk along Swimming Point, the shoreline that curves around the Elizabeth River's Craford Bay.  I wanted to see how the reclamation project was proceeding.  As far as I could tell there were four barges and three cranes in place for the work.

A floating boom snaked across the water marking the areas where the bottom had been dug up to remove the tar-like substance that came from an old gas plant nearby.  Two of the barges appeared to have sand on board.  If it was sand, that's good news.  It means that they have completed the removal process and are now restoring the bay with clean sand and - hopefully - oyster reefs.  (It would be nice to pull up and anchor and not have it coated in thick muck.)

I'm glad the work is being done, and I hope it is completely done by the time Spartina gets on the water.  I don't want to have to share Craford Bay with too many barges.

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