Saturday, February 8, 2014


So we are sitting aboard Gannet in San Diego's Quivira Basin, talking about maybe going for sail if schedules should work out.  Webb is drinking a gin and tonic with no ice, there being no ice on the boat.  I'm sipping some warm wine that came from a box.  A pleasant evening that chills quickly as the sun sets.

I suggest we ought to check the weather for the week, which Webb is glad to do, climbing below to grab his iPad.

But as Webb reads out the forecast for each day he says "Why bother checking the weather?  After all, it's San Diego we are talking about."  He was right.


JimB said...

Oh boy! I hope you have a chance to post more reports from your time with Webb.

Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, I cannot remember if it was your blog or Webb's site that led me to each of you, but I now follow you both regularly.

It is excellent that you are hooking up in San Diego..I know that Webb was worried about getting out of Chicago!

Solomons, MD