Sunday, February 23, 2014

out of the darkness

Today Spartina rolled out of the dark, cold garage into a bright sunny day.  I was happy to have the nice day.  I was even happier that in fact Spartina could roll, having for the first time in weeks an axle and wheels in place. 

Much of yesterday and this morning was spent on the garage floor with wrenches, a mallet, electrical tape and bags full of old and new hardware.  Focusing on the leaf springs, axle, hubs, bearings and wheels I had forgotten about all the other bits of hardware that needed to go back in place.  Rollers, guides, license plate, wiring and tail lights.  And a new spare tire mount, too.  Once the trailer was completer I sorted out the gear and packed Spartina for sailing.

The photo below is from March 10 of last year, the first sail of that year and the first sail with the Dabbler Sails (which I have since learned to adjust for a better set).  This afternoon may have been warm enough for a nice sail or, considering the calm winds, a nice drift.  But we weren't quite ready.  Spartina is now, save for a few minor details, ready to sail.  Hopefully soon.



Rik said...

Getting closer to the water again... Trailer looks very strong. Spartina even more so.

Steve said...

How's the Pathfinder coming along??


Rik said...

Too much work people pay me to do, keeps me away from her. Today fixed midship seats, installed drainage to cockpit and finished inside joint deck-hull forward section. At this pace i may not get her in the water this year. That sucks.