Friday, August 15, 2014

a perfect evening

The tall ship is the American Rover, a local cruise ship that has been around here longer than I.  The captains and crew have always been kind to Spartina, friendly waves and greetings brightening the day.  I have heard from the crew that Spartina is sometime referred to as "Baby Rover" since we share the same hull colors - green and white - and if the Rover were to have a baby she would most likely start out with two masts and grow from there.  The tanbark sails must come with age.


Paul D said...

I have good memories of the American Rover holding court pierside from when we lived in Norfolk 25 years ago. So glad to see she's still as majestic as ever.

Thanks for sharing the photos and stories!

Steve said...


the Rover seems to be doing great. I see them out there for afternoon and evening sails. It is great to share the river with them.