Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Webb Chiles and the egregious error

I'm very pleased to see that a couple of my photographs, taken during a sail with Webb Chiles in February of this year, were used with a story Webb wrote for the August issue of Cruising World.  The photograph on the opening spread, above, was taken by Webb.  Below you will see two of my photographs - Gannet with the palm trees on Mission Bay and Webb at the tiller making his way out the channel into the ocean.  Very cool.  

Webb's story dates to August of last year to when he sailed from San Diego to near Mexico's Guadalupe Island and back.  Returning to San Diego, admittedly tired from the sail, Webb made what could be described as an embarrassing mistake that led to a near crash landing in Gannet's slip.  Once safely tied to the dock, he called a rigger to help solve the problem.  The problem, though, wasn't the rigging, it was Webb.  Don't worry, the rigger said, he won't tell anybody.  To which Webb replied "I will!"  And here he does.

Webb is now in Tonga after a brutal (his word) sail from Samoa.  You can read his passage log here.  Webb says he expects to spend four to six weeks in Tonga (sounds nice, doesn't it??) before sailing to New Zealand.

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