Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have bought......

I've been picking up a few items for the September trip, most were inexpensive but one (the radio) costing more than I like.  I'll list the items below, mixed in with photographs from past sails on Chesapeake Bay.  The photographs are from mid-Bay on the Eastern Shore side, from Saxis to the Choptank River, several coming from the islands of Tangier Sound.

I have bought........

two packs of dried cranberries to add
 to the make-as-I-go trail mix

eight gallon bottles of water, the round bottles that
fit perfectly under the bunk flat on Spartina

a three pack of mole skin lined notebooks, 
which should last me through next year's sail

a second buff, made with a "striper" pattern
(it will be striper season after all!)

two new long sleeve sun block shirts

another box of Kashi granola bars to round out my breakfasts

a waterproof l.e.d. flashlight with a built in carbine hook that 
will hang nicely from the bungee cord running under the side decks

two boxes of dried mango slices, a start on the dried fruit snacks
that will include pineapple, kiwi fruit and bananas

new braided fishing line for the spinning rod

(that latch that held the battery pack in place broke off on my old radio)

a second book, "Havana World Series," in case 
I finish my first book, "Astoria"

With work, weather and the road trip to Baltimore I haven't sailed for nearly three weeks.  I hope to get out tomorrow evening and again Saturday morning.  The forecast is excellent.

Just digging back through the Chesapeake Bay logs to find the above photographs has brought back of lot of memories.  I can wait to get back out on the Bay.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget a tether for camera when it's "hanging around" the open deck pondering a swim..

Enjoy the fine weather in store for the next few days & I'll do the same here in NC sailing on the Neuse.