Friday, August 8, 2014

Play Ball!

O's vs. Cardinals


Baydog said...

geeze, where would you be, Steve?

Steve said...

Where else? Charm City.

Buck on "Alert" said...

As in "B-More", MD?

Baltimore Orioles Stadium.

Traveling to Boston, I stayed overnight at a motel in Edgewood, north of B-More off I-95.

Wanting another taste of crab cake, I was directed by the desk clerk to go NW to Abington and eat at the Box Hill Pizzeria & Maryland Crab Cake.

Though I haven't had the experience of visiting more restaurants in VA & MD as you have, I consider them to be the rule for others to match, IMHO.

I stopped there on the way back from Boston and had another delicious serving.

I hope you get the opportunity and tell me what you think of their MD crab cake. Oh, and they ship anywhere, FedEx.