Sunday, August 3, 2014

rain, rain, rain

Rainy all day yesterday, but thankfully the neighbors had enough tents so they could get in the annual crab boil.  Everybody enjoyed the crabs and forgot about the rain.

I sorted through the food supplies and came up with this...
  • enough fruit cups to have one with each breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • a dozen tuna salads for lunch, a couple tins of smoked oysters for snacks
  • half a dozen packs of two-each granola bars, need to get another box
  • full supply of freeze dried camp meals for dinner
  • boil-in-pouch rice mixes to go with fresh fish should we catch a bluefish or striper
  • added wasabi peas and roasted cashews to the build-as-we-go trail mix

 Next I will check my fuel cans for the jetboil and count out the batteries for gps, spot, vhf, etc.

I received this photograph of a very nice looking Pathfinder from Rik.  He says the boat is on the trailer for the first time after a trip through the house.  Navigating a boat through the house must have been interesting.  She looks great!  Can't wait to see her on the water.

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