Friday, February 24, 2017

Sunday on the Elizabeth River, Monday in Elizabeth City

Just a couple of great days on the water this past weekend.  Monday in Norfolk on the Elizabeth River, very basic video below but you'll get the feeling that it was light steady winds, sunny and warm.  I'll take it.  (You will notice I keep busy looking around, a good survival strategy when sharing the water with tugboats, barges as big as buildings, freighters and the occasional warship or nuclear powered submarine.)

Monday it was sailing on the Paquotank River out of Elizabeth City, NC, (photos at the top and bottom) where I ran into my sailing friends Claughton and Scoot.  Claughton lives in a civil war era house on Forbes Bay, having me there as a guest there a couple of years ago for probably one of my all time favorite family reunions (even though it wasn't my family).

Claughton and Scoot were sailing Claughton's knew-to-him Sparkman and Stephens designed 22' sailboat.  Scoot was nice enough to send the photo of Spartina, above.  We sailed alongside of each other for a long while, enjoying the nice weather and breeze, talking about sailing and boats and how good life was that afternoon.

Just a great weekend on the water.


steve said...

Nice video clip Steve. Lovely river to sail on. weather here has been difficult but hopefully as spring descends on us and the weather alters Arwen will be out on the river Tamar. I'm expecting delivery of a new GoPro today - I am finally retiring at the end of this academic year and plan on spending a huge amount of time on the water with Arwen and devoting much more time to the blog.
Lovely post, has inspired me and pulled me out of the exam marking gloom. Thanks Steve

Steve said...

Congratulations on the retiring, good for you. And spending more time on the water, sounds like a wonderful plan.