Sunday, November 15, 2020

Miravar, translated

Enrico has done monoglots such as me a huge favor and posted an English version of this year's Miravar Mini Raid Var.  Thank you, Enrico.

This is the third raid and they took a more challenging route.  I'll let Enrico explain.

"This year we chose the "Challenge" option (a daring variation to the classic program, conceived by Lorenzo and Remi) which includes the first three legs outside the Archipelago and therefore less sheltered and more exposed to the effects of the weather.

The tiny seaweed beach of Le Brusc is the scene of the final preparations of boats and crews. Someone arrived a day ago, someone - like us - at the last minute. Having traveled the 450 km that separate us from Turin, we have just the time to unload MIRA from the car, rig her, prepare everything and launch her. The departure must in fact take place early, as today we'll sail against the wind to round Cap Sicié. And as everyone knows to round a cape, it almost always reserves surprises."

Each year I look forward to reading about the sail.  It strikes me as a celebration of small boats, the Mediterranean, family,  good fine, wine and camaraderie.  

And this year's event included to Welsford Pathfinders.  Look at the top photograph and you will see Lorenzo's ASTRID, center, and to the right is what I believe to be a white-hulled Pathfinder.  In the foreground at left, and also in the photograph just above, you will see Enrico's Goat Island Skiff MIRA.

It looks like a great five day sail, some challenging weather and a lot of fun.  Thanks to all for sharing.



Bobby Asher said...

Love it. Let's split a shipping container, load up SPARTINA and LAGNIAPPE, and join them next year...

Steve said...

Wouldn't that be cool!

Anonymous said...

always great to get another perspective, really enjoyed this group and pics thanks H

Enrico said...

What a honour to see Mira and the Miravar fleet on you blog and close to Spartina, Steve!

Steve said...

Thank you for doing the double duty with the translation. I enjoyed it and so have several of my friends. Looks like you all had a great time and I will be looking forward to next year's edition.