Friday, May 13, 2011

Annie in Oriental

Curt's "Annie" is on the front of today.  He is wrapping up his trip, sounds like he had a great time.   Here are some of his comments from an email yesterday...

"Hi Steve
I'm sitting in the Bean and resting up. The run from Ocracoke was exciting with the NE wind up to 20 in the afternoon but we faired well. Waves were about a foot in the morning... I started out at 5:30... and it built to 4 ft after I passed the prohibited area and approached Bay River. The smoke (this was from a fire in a wildlife refuge to the north - steve) was dense along the shore so I changed my plans of going to Bath and ran south. Got too close to Maw point shoal and had to beat off. The waves and wind really became apparent. Made Oriental about 4. Will head to Paradise Marina tomorrow morning. When we finish we will have logged 265 miles. Yippee!"

You've got to love the way Curt uses the term "we" as he describes completing the single-handed trip, the other part of "we" being his boat "Annie."  

I can't wait to hear more about the trip.


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