Friday, May 20, 2011

packing up

Right after breakfast this morning at The Grill at Great Bridge (a pre-cruise tradition) we headed to the grocery store to pick up fresh food for the trip.

Above some some ingredients for sausage, shrimp and lentil dinner (Bruce hasn't come up with a name for this dish yet).  The sausage, shrimp and beef were put in quart bags and frozen.  They'll be kept inside a double soft-sided cooler with dry ice, then thawed out as we go.

Another night will be beef stew with fresh veggies and red wine.  We got a box of wine that is a little larger than needed for the stew.  What will we do with the rest?

After the food was sorted we started on the sleeping gear and clothes (a few shirts, couple pair of pants will do the trick).

It is all coming together in the garage.  We'll do junk on the bunk this afternoon, using the WaterTribe equipment check list as the basis for our gear.  Then we'll load up the jeep.

Oh -- and strawberry pie from Bergey's Breakbasket, the old dairy farm the road.  The strawberries were picked this morning from a farm next door, pie was baked late morning.  It was still warm when I picked it up.  It doesn't get any fresher than that.  No we won't be taking it on the trip.  It will be dessert tonight.


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