Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I enjoyed seeing this cloud over Long Bay a few days ago.  It was late afternoon on a day that started 10 hours and 30 miles earlier.  The skies, both day and night, were beautiful.  I'm still sorting through my notes and photos, cleaning and repacking gear.  I hope to start the daily logs tomorrow.  

Two weeks from tonight I'll be picking up Bruce at the airport as he arrives for trip on Chesapeake Bay. I can't believe that trip is coming up so soon.

 Good news for anyone who will be passing through Oriental on a boat.  I read in today's Town Dock that Oriental's mayor and town board voted to build a second town dock on the waterfront.  Currently there is one public dock, you can see it at the top of the harbor with a single sailboat tied along side in the satellite photo above.  The Bean, Oriental's waterfront coffee shop, is right across the street.  The dock is free for short stays.  A free dock is a popular dock - Bruce and I have hurried into the harbor more than once when we saw other boats heading that way.  The board's vote means that at some time in the future there will be more public (free) docking in the harbor.  I've put an "X" at the site of the future public dock.

My spring trip to North Carolina is over, but Curt's is still in progress.  I met Curt on the third day of my trip, he was just starting out on a 14 day trip on his beautiful Drascombe "Annie."  I receive a spot location message from him at least once each day.  Yesterday he was in Cape Lookout Bight.  Today he was just north of Harkers Island.  Two weeks on the Carolina coast, that's something to think about.


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