Saturday, December 8, 2012

a recipe

While boiling a pot of linguine saute garlic in olive oil then add sun dried tomatoes, capers and quartered artichoke hearts.  Sprinkle with freshly cracked black pepper and flakes of red pepper.   

When the leaves on the artichoke quarters start to curl spoon the mixture into a bowl and keep warm.  Deglaze the saute pan with white wine, a cup more or less (depending on how much you want to save for the chef).  Add lemon juice.  When wine/lemon juice is boiling add two dozen little neck clams.  As clams start to open add about a dozen shrimp - I like to peel off all the shell but the tails, slicing the shrimp all the way through while cleaning.

Drain linguine and put in white pasta dishes (it has to be white pasta dishes, it won't work otherwise).  Ring the dishes with the steamed clams.  Pile the steamed shrimp on top of the linguine, a big spoonful of the sun-dried tomatoes/capers/artichokes a little to the side.  Pour the wine/lemon juice/clam sauce on the linguine.  Enjoy.

Does that work, Dave??



Baydog said...

Oh it works, alright.

Baydog said...

Upon further review, any butter in that thar dish?

Steve said...

Yes, garlic, artichokes, etc were sauteed in olive oil and butter. Is it ok to mix the two??


Baydog said...

Twice as good