Monday, December 17, 2012

fishing forecast

The weather alternates between a cold clear wind out of the north and warm muggy air from the south. The seasons are changing, winter is in sight.  Time to start watching the fishing forecast.

This year we have chartered the boat "Virginian" out of Rudee Inlet, by far the nicest boat we have ever booked.  Funny thing is that you can charter the biggest, nicest boat or the smallest boat in the fleet, the price is still the same.  So we went for the biggest, nicest this time around.  At a boat length one inch shy of 59 feet we're talking climate controlled salon and state rooms, microwave, freezer, and full entertainment center.  Catching fish or not, we'll at least be comfortable.

There is a decent class of striper starting to show up off the Virginia Beach oceanfront.  Not a lot of fish yet, but some up in the 40 to 50 pound range.  That cold north wind should be blowing more fish our way, bringing them down from Delaware, New Jersey and New York waters.  

We've lost track of how many years we've been making this winter striper trip, this one being scheduled for early January.  Sometimes we catch fish, sometimes we don't.  We always have fun.



Baydog said...

Steve, can you get me a job?

Steve said...

I wish....I'm busy trying to hang on to my own. But if I have a few extra filets I'll send them your way.


Bill said...

I dunno - that boat looks to me like it should have a mirrored lounge with a stripper pole in it somewhere down below...