Thursday, September 17, 2009

bootstrap in the sounds

There is a great read called Bootstrap in the Sounds on Duckworks Magazine. Anyone up for small boat adventures will enjoy reading it. I have been a fan of New Zealand sailors (and kayakers too, KiwiBird)for the last severals years, they always seem to have a great time on water.

Richard Schmidt of Wellington, NZ and his nephew Ralph took the Navigator Bootstrap on a seven day trip. It sounds like they had a little adventure and a lot of fun.
It is perfect timing for me to read this story - our cruise on the Pathfinder (slightly larger version of the Navigator) is just about a week away. Lots of great inspiration here. Be sure to check out their photo album - beautiful boat and beautiful sailing area.
Their trip is just another testament to the great designs by John Welsford. John's boats, particularly the sailboats from 14 feet to 17 feet in length, are great for day sailing and spectacular for camper cruising. I know we'll be appreciating John's seaworthy, comfortable design while we are out on Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks Richard (and Chuck) for the great story (I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a couple of photographs!)


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richard said...

No problem with uses my photos. I has been a real thrill to see my ugly mug popping up all over the internet!

Good luck with you trip.