Thursday, September 24, 2009

got the EPIRB, SPOT AND AMB(*)

Got all the gear from the EPIRB to the SPOT and the AMB set out on the garage floor with food, notebooks, fishing gear, fuel, flash lights, and on and on. We are about ready to go.
Bruce flew in last night from a three-week safari in Africa (what a life). He is cleaning the photos off his 8 gig memory cards right now, plus trying to adjust to the time difference and jet lag.
Did a little shopping this morning, Bruce picked up a new Leatherman tool to replace the one he donated last spring to the TSA.
Food is bagged and stored in the gallon jugs that will sit in the watertight storage under the thwart. It gets easier each time as we set out the gear and pack the boat.
Forecast is good for the next week, but who knows what kind of weather we'll see. Very excited about this trip. We'll leave here about 6 a.m. tomorrow, plan to be sailing out of Crisfield by 11.



S R Wood said...

Fair winds, guys! Travel safe and see you in St. Michael's.

Kristen said...

Where's the rum, boys?! Have a super time!