Friday, September 11, 2009


Got a great tip and a question from Kevin B. of the navigator "Slip Jig" fame today. That is Slip Jig below. Beautiful boat, can't wait to see it at the Small Craft Festival.
Kevin's tip was that Dogwood Harbor, home of the iconic Chesapeake Bay Skipjacks, is within walking distance of where we will be staying on Tilghman Island. I have seen a couple of the beautiful boats, but only at museums. Apparently those at Dogwood Harbor are the last few of the working fleet. We will definitely make an effort to walk over and check them out.
The X at the upper left is where we plan to stay, the X at the lower right is Dogwood Harbor. Looks like a nice stroll before dinner. I can't wait.
Kevin's question was about tracking us. Yes, we will post our SPOT tracking page. A link to it will be on the blog at the upper right (I would like to add the tracking map directly to the blog but the technical issues are beyond me). I haven't set it up yet but it will most likely be an image of the orange SPOT satellite beacon. Click on it and it will take you to our tracking page. We are undecided about adding our "ok" messages to the blog. When we got back from the Skeeter Beater the blog looked pretty boring - lots of "ok" messages with links to maps. It seems like the tracking page would be more up to date and more interesting. I'll see what Bruce thinks.

I also got an offer of help (plus a cell phone number!) when we are in Rock Hall from Seth. Very nice of you Seth, thanks very much. We'll add your contact number to our cruise info. We'll look forward to seeing you at the festival, if not sooner.

Thanks Kevin and Seth, see you guys on the water.


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Kevin B said...

Also a couple of derelict skipjack hulls in the water on Knapps Narrows west of the drawbridge