Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a little more information

Got a little more information for the trip yesterday from Kevin B. (thanks Kevin)

I've been looking at anchorages for day two and the northernmost spot would be Punch Island Creek. Kevin had alerted me that some jetties had been built near the mouth of the creek (an effort at erosion control).

Yesterday he sent a map of the jetties and said the phase 1 jetties are now in place. Those all appear to the north of the creek. I'm very glad to know exactly where they are located. I'll make a print of the map and bring it along with us.
I took over the garage yesterday and started laying out the gear and supplies. Got to head out of town now for an overnight trip. I'll be back just about the time Bruce flies in and then we'll get set to go.



Perry Burton said...

Good luck and pleasant sailing Steve/Bruce.
I'm looking forward to your report on the trip.

Pathfinder "Pikake"

Steve said...

Thanks Perry. I'm really excited about this trip.