Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fishing (*see note below)

Cool and dry today, made me think of fall. And thinking of fall made me think of fishing so I decided to rig some lures for The Crab House 150. Fishing will be a little different from the last couple of trips. In the sounds of North Carolina we typically cast small lures around the marshes in search of speckled trout or puppy drum. On the bay we'll be trolling out in the deep water from rockfish (also known as striper).
We'll be using a couple of lures on each rig along with a three way swivel. The larger lure (six ounces), with a soft rubber "grub" and a skirt works as both a lure and a weight to keep the rig down in the way (When fishing in the deep water and strong currents at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay that larger lure can weigh up to 20 ounces and is often called a "mojo.") The second, smaller lure weighing only 1/4 ounce, will trail behind the larger lure. For line we'll be using braid as opposed to the more common monofilament fishing line. Braid has less drag, cuts through the water easier and allows the lures to sink deeper. (If we were really serious we would be using "wire" instead of line. Wire cuts through the water better than anything, but it requires a rod with a roller tip and that gets expensive.)
I've checked the regulations. Bruce will need to get an out of state short term license for Maryland water. My Virginia license will work for me, I'm told (but need to confirm) that Virginia and Maryland recognize each other's license.
We'll be looking for rock that are 18 to 28 inches long, just one should make a nice meal for the two of us. If we hook anything bigger, like the one above, we'll probably let it go. But who knows.


(*Note - Past experience indicates no fish will be injured during this experiment.)

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