Saturday, September 19, 2009

"you aren't hungry"

Had to run over to the Eastern Shore yesterday to meet some oyster farming friends. I visited Willis Wharf on the ocean side of the Delmarva (as in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) Peninsula. Also got out on Nasssawadox Creek, below, on the Chesapeake Bay side. Very nice places to visit. Good people, hardworking tradition that goes back generations. The trip made me think I've got to do some more exploring with Spartina on the Bay.
They have an interesting way of marking time on the shore. Below is the the corner of an century-old shucking house in the community of Bayford on the Bay side. For the Eastern Shore, much like the Outer Banks, people recall events dated by the storms.
And below is a nice farm-raised oyster from Nassawadox Creek. Salty and sweet I can tell you. I've still got a few of them in the fridge to share with a neighbor tomorrow. These oysters were excellent. And the ones from the sea side were even saltier.
Just now reading John Steinbeck's "Sweet Thursday", his postwar follow-up to Cannery Row. I came this across great line. "You aren't hungry, but you're starving."

I'll have to think about that one for a while.


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