Wednesday, September 16, 2009

punch island creek

Below is a satellite photo of Punch Island Creek, the northern most anchorage I mentioned yesterday as a possible stopping point on day 2. It looks like a nice wide creek with a couple of channels that run off to the shallows on the north side. I think I'll add this to our list of gps waypoints.
I felt like a federal parolee tonight as I clipped my SPOT satellite beacon on to my belt while running a few errands. Big Brother in the sky was following my moves. I wanted to make sure I had the profiles set right. I had to mess around with it a little but got it working. We'll put a link to the shared tracking page at the top of this blog next Thursday right before we leave on the trip.



Kevin B said...

Steve, There are a series of six breakwaters that were just constructed last summer off the mouth of punch island creek. I can't say for certain how that will affect getting into the creek but thought you should know.

Steve said...

thanks a bunch for that bit of information. I haven't seen that marked on any charts and it doesn't show up on google maps yet. If we make it far that day we will approach with some extra caution.
Thanks a bunch for the info, looking forward to seeing you guys on Dividing Creek.