Monday, March 29, 2010

Judith Island/Swan Quarter Island

Here is the sailing area (at least that is the plan) for day three of the weekend walkabout, the marshes of Judith and Swan Quarter Islands. Lots of little coves, a couple of "narrows" and creeks. Bruce and I sailed through this area last Spring, going up Swan Quarter Bay and taking that little cut at the top of the satellite photo across to Deep Bay on a very stormy afternoon. You can read about that trip here.

I enjoyed sailing through the area but looking at the charts I could see then that there were lots of places to explore. We just sailed through the series of bays on the way to our next destination (Spencer Bay, aka Mosquito Creek). Now I hope to go back and explore (and fish too).

The photo above is from an '08 trip. Yes, it looks a lot like the photo I used in the last post. But that is what it looks like down there. Blue skies, blue water and a thin line of marsh grass on the horizon. Very pretty, very relaxing if you ask me.

I spent a night on a solo trip anchored in Caffee Bay just east of Swan Quarter Island. That is a little storm cell that passed by in the late evening, lightning making the clouds glow. And below is a speckled trout that joined me for dinner earlier that evening.

I'll take these satellite maps that I've made for the past few posts, make prints and have them laminated. They will make nice reference cards to have on board Spartina during the trip.

This long weekend trip is shaping up to be fun. I won't cover a lot of distance, just take it easy and explore the bays, creeks and coves. This isn't a cruise, it is more like day sailing (without bothering to head back to the dock at the end of the day).



Thomas Armstrong said...

Nice dinner

Baydog said...

Brown butter and capers would fit the bill

Steve said...

a chef ought to know...