Monday, March 1, 2010

me and my shadow

Had a nice warm sunny day and got some more painting done. Touched up the decks and top plank with Rust-oleum Marine Topside Paint, glossy white, and Interlux's Brightside Polyurethane, sea green, for the lower part of the hull. For the rub rails and coaming I used, for the first time, Pettit's Captain's Varnish and I was very happy with it. Easy to put on, easy to sand between coats and a nice hard finish. I still need to do at least three more coats of varnish and I'll do that when it warms up (if it warms up).

All the paint in the world, though, can't hide my very rough boatbuilding skills. Spartina definitely has a "work boat" finish to her. The hull is solid and true to John Welsford's design and that is what I care about. But I will admit she is a lot like me, rough around the edges.


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Jim said...

Beauty is more than just perfection of details.