Thursday, March 11, 2010

river of grass

I have been enjoying the Everglades Challenge and particularly was fascinated by SandyBottom's and KiwiBird's passage through the Everglades National Park Wilderness Waterway. The two kayakers are traveling together through the River of Grass eloquently written about by Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. Here is a close up satellite view of where they stopped last night.

And we back off a bit and see nothing but marshes and creeks.

And back off a bit more and see their trek through what must be a beautiful wilderness. I can't wait to see the photographs on their blogs.

Speaking of journeys I got an email from Kevin B. of the Navigator Slip Jig. He invited me to join their mid-May Chesapeake float, this year on the Little Choptank River. I can't make it this year, but maybe someday.

And, again, speaking of journeys, I'm thinking of moving my solo May long weekend trip to late April. The weather should be warm enough by then. I would like to sail out of Germantown, NC to visit Mouse Harbor, Juniper Bay and Swan Quarter Island. I can't wait to cast off from the dock.


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