Saturday, March 6, 2010

the race is on!

The Everglades Challenge left the beach in Florida this morning. I've been busy working all day (I hate that) so I haven't been able to follow as closely as I would like. But I will tune in tonight and see what is going on. Below is a photo from SandyBottom's blog showing SandyBottom (whom I have had had the pleasure of meeting), standing right, KiwiBird (whom I've had the pleasure of emailing with), bottom, and FloatSome (whom I have not met but obviously he keeps some good company), standing left.
Check out both SandyBottom's and KiwiBird's blog for some updates. Got to love the technology that keeps us all in touch.

And below is a screenshot form the challenger map page with tracks from all of the competitors. You can select individual racers and see just there tracks. That will be fun to watch. I haven't had a chance to study the details but it does look like they are off to a good start.
And here is a photo of me from March 7 of last year. It was 70 degrees and I was loving it. Tomorrow the forecast calls for 50 degrees weather, a sunny day and light wind. I could make it out for a sail, but suspect I'm better off using the nice day for a last coat of paint and varnish and an engine tune-up just to make sure I'm ready for the first day on the water.


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