Sunday, March 28, 2010

Juniper Bay

Here are a couple of satellite photos of Juniper Bay. I hope to explore the bay on day two of the weekend walkabout. You can some pretty good protection regardless of where the wind is coming from. I'm thinking about sailing all the way up to the north end where the bay turns due east (at the very top of this photo). I've heard it is beautiful up there.

And below is an image of the lower part of the bay. A couple of good creeks to explore and I would also like to visit Cunning Harbor Bay (a redundant but interesting name) and the tiny unnamed island on the southwest corner.

Something that caught my eye is the Old Haulover. It was only on the second or third look that I noticed it connected with Caffee Bay to the west. I'll take a look at it, but doubt that I'll transit the waterway. This is one of the areas where I'll miss having Bruce along (besides the good food and conversation), that second set of eyes. Crossing that narrow creek from one bay to another looks like fun. But is it a good idea? Is the creek wide enough? Is it deep enough? Can I find my way through the marsh? (I've been in marshes where it looks the same in every direction.) Who wants to get stuck in shallow water in the middle of a marsh that comes alive with mosquitoes at sunset? That's where I would like to have Bruce along, just so I can ask "Is this a good idea?". ( I do know that Bruce has distinct feelings about mosquitoes and that would certainly color his judgement.)

I wish I could show you a photo of Juniper Bay, but I've never been there. The photo below is from June '08 heading towards Bluff Point and eventually Great Island. I sailed by the entrance of Juniper Bay but did not enter it. And I've passed by there twice more since (on a solo trip in the fall of 08 and then again on the Skeeter Beater in 09). I'll make it this time. (And now that I look at the photo I've got to say I have since learned to get a better set on the reefed main.)

So that is day two of the walkabout. Day three will be, I hope, will be near Judith and Swan Quarter Islands. I'll take a look at that soon


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