Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a nice Navigator cruising site

I was just this morning looking at Arwen's meanderings, a blog by Navigator sailor and builder Steve in the UK.

It is good to see that I am not the only one that enjoys planning a cruise almost as much as doing the cruise. His latest post is about navigation for a summer trip on the Yealm River. I'm not at all up on the geography in that part of the world, Steve gives a great description of the river and challenges of sailing there.

I'm finished up with the Weekend Walkabout. All the cruising gear is cleaned, sorted and stowed (packed away for only four weeks). I've started gathering my charts, notebooks and satellite photos for the June trip. I'll be able to use some sat photos from the cruise I did with Bruce back in '07, plus I'll have a couple of sat photos from the Walkabout on board. Also found my laminated list for contact numbers/info in Oriental, Beaufort and New Bern. When I get home today Bruce's cruising gear should be sitting on my porch, delivered by UPS. He has a big expedition style travel case that will be packed with his foul weather gear, stuff sacks, sleeping bag, bivy, gps and whatever else. I think he'll even have some food supplies in there. Right now I know beef/vegetable/red wine stew is on the menu and Bruce tells me he has been experimenting with a shipboard recipe for fish tacos. (Anybody who lives in or has visited San Diego will know the joy of fish tacos courtesy Rubio's.)

My laptop with Garmin MapSource software, where I had created all my waypoints for the trip, has died. So I'll have to boot up an old desktop unit with the same software to recreate those waypoints to export to both my gps and Bruce's too. That's fine, I kind of enjoy doing that kind of thing.

A few more weeks of daysailing and then we are off again.


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Bursledon Blogger said...

The Yealm is one of the most, if not the most scenic rivers in England. Navigation - lining up the church on Wembury etc sounds daunting, especially the bit passing "Misery Point" but it's really straighforward and well worth it once you get there