Wednesday, May 26, 2010

shocking photos and winds gone wild!

No, this isn't the National Enquirer, it's just an update on some recent sailing.

The shocking photos are from Steve who goes by the screen name Shock. He and his buddy took his boat, a 19' Mariner (above), down to the Roanoke Island area of North Carolina.

They did 140 miles of sailing over five days and it looks like they had great weather. Good for them.

The weather has certainly changed down there with a low pressure system hanging off the coast causing a mini-nor'easter. They guys on the OBX130 have been battling it out with the wind. Gusts of 30 mph and big waves, you can read about it here on their update page. Below you'll see Dave (I think) at right thanking some of the other sailors after his boat capsized off of Harkers Island. Glad you are ok Dave, sounds like a wild ride.

I've been getting ready for our June cruise in the evenings, putting together lists, updating the SPOT, checking batteries and all that other fun stuff. Can't wait to go.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve

My little Casio EX-G1 worked out pretty well on the trip. I'm satisfied with it. It got pretty wet a few times with no ill effect. Color and sharpness is pretty good too. Nicely sized to fit in my life vest. Shot about 275 frames with no issues.
Looking forward to seeing your next outing.

Steve H.