Tuesday, October 26, 2010

a room with a view

I had to sit in a meeting for over two hours yesterday. It was an informative meeting, led by an interesting guy. But two hours plus?? Fortunately it was on the twentieth floor of an building downtown with a nice view of the river.
I grabbed a seat by the picture window so I could shoot three or four pictures of the view with my cell phone, then stitched them together with photoshop's merge tool. That's the Elizabeth River with Norfolk in the foreground and Portsmouth on the far side. I do a lot of my day sailing right there. Crawford Bay is to the right behind the freighter steaming up river, the southern branch of the Elizabeth heads off in the distance just to the left of the tall building across the river. The eastern branch of the Elizabeth River goes off to the left, just past the blue roof of Waterside, a little shopping area with a marina. Down on the street below, center, the building with the columns is the US Customs House that dates back to the 1850's, one of just a few of the old, classic buildings left in the downtown area.

It was good to accomplish something in the meeting.