Sunday, October 3, 2010

weekend getaway

I haven't dried out all the pages of my Chesapeake Bay chartbook yet but I'm already digging out the North Carolina maps for a long weekend sail. It will be so short I won't call it a cruise. Just daysailing really (while being too lazy to go back to the ramp at night).

This will be anywhere from Mouse Harbor (above) at the north end to Bonner Bay, off of the Bay River, at the south end. In between are Jones Bay, Middle Bay, Little Porpoise Bay and Big Popoise Bay. And connecting north to south on the inland side is the ICW. You can see there are a lot of places to sail, explore, fish, read, etc....

I've sailed through these areas before, sometimes on solo sails, also with Bruce and then again with Bruce, Paul and Dawn on the Tag Team sail. But some of that was just passing through, maybe anchoring for the night. I would like to look around a little bit more this time.
Below is is the opening to Dump Creek that Bruce and I used to get from Jones Bay to the Bay River on the Tag Team 200.

And there is Dawn Patrol anchored for the night on Bonner Bay. That bay had lots of creeks leading into it. I want to take a closer look at those creeks.

This will be the latest in the year that I've done an overnight trip. I'm set with a sleeping bag that will be comfortable if it gets cold. I'll need to figure out how to layer on clothes if it is chilly during the day. That time of year, mid-October, we can get anything from warm and sunny to just plain cold. I'll have to figure out how to prepare for both.


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