Sunday, October 17, 2010

what you don't want to see when you are out on the water on a 17' 4" open boat

Just back from Pamlico Sound, had a great trip. Lots of fun, a little adventure (see photo above). Really a great time.
Below is the gps track from Spartina. Explored a lot of bays, coves, creeks and rivers. No rushing anywhere, just enjoying the time on the water.

What you do want to see when you are out on the water in a small boat are my sailing friends Dawn and Paul (photo below). I sailed two days by myself and then the Dawn Patrol crew joined me for two more days on the water.

And what made the trip special was meeting Shawn, below on his custom built trimaran (a dory with hobie cat hulls and wind surfing sail added), the owner of Pate's Boatyard in Hobucken on Jones Bay. A great guy who could not be more friendly and helpful. Usually a boatyard or marina is just a place to rig and launch your boat. Pate's Boatyard is a place to make friends, have interesting conversation and just plain enjoy life.

Another great trip, really nice for the last trip of the year. I've got a lot of cleaning up to do, hope to post a log later in the week.


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