Wednesday, April 4, 2012

drowning in work

One thing after another.  And then something else comes up, and then again.  The day is done, but not the work.  What happened?

It has been like that for a few days now.

Too busy to think about sailing or even packing for the trip.  Much thanks to "Gizmo" who reminded me I had not even thought about books for the coming walkabout less than four weeks away.  He suggested "We, The Drowned" by Carsten Jensen.

I have food - breakfast bars, cups of fruit, tuna lunches and cous cous to go with fresh caught fish for dinner.  I have batteries - double a's for most devices and triple a's for others.  I have notebooks to fill, gallon jugs of water to empty.  But I have no books to read.

"We, The Drowned" might well be a possibility, save for the fact that it is a new book and not available at those surprisingly low used-book rates that fit my budget so well.  But we will see, once I catch my breath and confirm that I am not really drowning in work.

Thanks for the tip, Gizmo.



Baydog said...

Here are two cheery suggestions:

Endurance by Alfred Lansing, and
In the Heart of the Sea by Nat Philbrick. These will let you sleep tight....

Steve said...


I have read, and enjoyed them both. I have seen in the whaling museum in Nantucket a few artifacts from In the Heart of the Sea. Amazing stuff. Thanks for the suggestions.

So, when do you launch the boat?????


Baydog said...

I hope to paint the bottom on Friday, and get her in the week after next. Before the weekend of the 21st, fingers crossed!

Gizmo said...

Make it an exciting voyage. Check it out from the library and risk not only the ravages of the sea but the $387 replacement fee if a rouge wave takes it overboard. Damn the torpedoes! Full read ahead!